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Hi, I´m Neiva Mara, and I invite you to connect like never before, in a much more personal and funny way. Want to join?

Neiva Mara is a fitness lover, enthusiastic and entrepreneurs in general. She has been on international Bikini contests, and her performing was pretty exceptional, achieving some medals in on the stage.

That passion lead her and took her in a new mayor proyect, she found DEPORLOVERS, as CEO and Main ambassador. DEPORLOVERS, its a website pionner on the Fitness Online products and services, with more than 6 millions followers en its whole social networks.

Now days, she works as model image of Fashion Nova, wide world knowledge fashion brand,

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I´m back in Instagram, I will follow showing my body transformation in my new account @soyneiva – in a funny and naughty way. If you don’t follow me yet, I invite you to join and we will enjoy this new adventure together.

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3 years ago I launched my own workouts channel Deporlovers, with more than 4 million followers today and hundreds of workout videos. If you want to change your body, you should follow us !

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